Privacy Policy


We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website to a browser. Cookies are sometimes used to collect information that may be considered to constitute personal data (e.g your IP address and data associated with the IP address), but no personal data is collected that can directly be associated with you as an individual. A.M.A. Sports Agency is therefore not able to identify you personally – only the internet browser that is installed on your computer and that you use when visiting the website in question. Cookies are used by most websites, and are often a condition for the proper functioning of the website.

First-party and third-party cookies

Cookies are normally categorised partly according to their origin and partly according to whether or not they are stored on the browser. Cookies can either be sent to your computer from the website you are visiting (first-party cookies) or from another organisation that supplies services to the website, such as analysis or statistics companies (third-party cookies).

Session cookies and persistent cookies

Cookies can be further divided into session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie is sent to your computer in order for the website to function correctly during your visit, and is not stored on your computer – such cookies are deleted and disappear when you close your browser. One example of a session cookie’s function is that it is activated when you return to a part of a website you have previously visited, thereby assisting your navigation of the website, such as by remembering your chosen language preferences. A persistent cookie, on the other hand, is stored on your computer, which means that a website can recognise your computer’s IP address even if you have turned your computer off or logged out between visits. Cookies enable your browser to remember your registration the next time you visit the site.

A.M.A. Sports Agency uses both session cookies and persistent cookies on our website. Both types of cookie are mainly used in order to ensure the functionality of our services, to help us to improve our provision of products and services, to provide you with additional functionality, or to help us to direct relevant and personalised advertisements to you. A.M.A. Sports Agency also uses third-party cookies from Google Analytics in order to improve your user experience.

Changing your cookie settings

Most internet browsers have a default setting to accept the use of cookies. You can easily choose to deny the ability of A.M.A. Sports Agency’s website to store cookies on your computer by changing the settings on your browser. You can also choose to block or delete the cookies that are already being stored on your computer. Please be aware that, by choosing to prevent the use of cookies, certain functions on our website may no longer work securely and correctly, and it may not be possible for us to provide certain services.

Processing of personal data

A.M.A. Sports Agency takes all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is processed and stored securely. All processing of personal data within A.M.A. Sports Agency is conducted in accordance with applicable personal data protection legislation. Since May 2018, the processing of personal data in the EU/EEA is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With whom do we share your data?

We do not sell information about our visitors to any other party.

Withdrawal of consent

Where we process your personal data on the basis of your provision of consent (e.g. by subscribing to a newsletter), you can at any time withdraw your consent by contacting A.M.A. Sports Agency (see below). Such a withdrawal may occur in whole or in part. If you do not wish to receive marketing material and advertised offers from us, you can withdraw your consent by contacting A.M.A. Sports Agency, or, in the case of direct advertising sent by email, by clicking on the link in the email.

If you withdraw your consent to the use or disclosure of your personal data for other purposes than those stated in this Privacy Policy, this may mean that we are no longer able to provide you with access to our websites or to provide services and customer services that are offered to our users and that are permitted in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your rights concerning your data

You have the right to request information about the personal data that we have registered about you and how this is used. You can at any time change your personal data by contacting A.M.A. Sports Agency (see below). You also have the right to request the correction or erasure of personal data about you if such data is incorrect, incomplete or misleading by contacting A.M.A. Sports Agency.

You can submit a complaint to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection if you feel that A.M.A. Sports Agency’s processing of your personal data has not been conducted in accordance with the applicable legislation.